Woodland Survival

Woodland Survival     COST OF COURSE $150.00

This 5 plus mile hike is a basic land navigation course that includes skills needed to help survive in the wilderness. This course is designed to ensure the safe return of a hiker/camper that seeks adventure in the wild by teaching navigation, compass and map reading, fire starting skills and options, and the three basic necessitates for survival-food, water, and shelter.

Equipment needed:

  • Compass,
  • Map of area,
  • Signal Mirror or Blaze Orange Material,
  • Fire Starting device(s) i.e. magnesium flint, water proof matches, lighter
  • Knife,
  • Machete,
  • Extra socks & Underwear,
  • Cordage (100ft minimum),
  • Food high in protein i.e. MRE, Freeze Dried Foods,
  • Water (minimum 3 Liters),
  • Inclement weather gear

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