Sniper Marksman Observer Course


This five day course consists of weapons nomenclature, rifle set-up, shooting positions, marksmanship, range estimation, ballistics, reading wind, camouflage & concealment, stalking, and much more. The ranges for this course are from 100 yards – 1000 yards. Our range facility offers several stalking and shooting lanes making us one of just a hand full of 1000+ yard ranges in this part of the country.

Equipment needed:

  • Precision scoped rifle (capable of 1 MOA groups)
  • Scope (ranging reticle & target adjustment knobs)
  • BDU’s or rough use camo clothing
  • Cleaning kit {w/ one piece cleaning rod)
  • Rifle take down tools
  • Data Book
  • Ghillie Suit (optional)
  • Water bladder
  • Ruck Sack or Back Pack
  • 500 rounds of match grade ammo (minimum)
  • small calculator
  • Binocluars or Spotting Scope
  • Inclement weather gear

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