Active Shooter Incident Response Training (A.S.I.R.T.)

Shield Solutions has two courses available, both of which are economically priced:

A.S.I.R.T. (4 hours):  $40.00 per staff member

A.S.I.R.T. (8 hours):  $75.00 per staff member

Training for a crisis is the only way to prevail during one. Our A.S.I.R.T. covers preparedness, planning and execution of the most-critical elements of a violent encounter occurring on school grounds. This training is much more than teaching you and your staff to hide and pray the perpetrator passes you by. We provide the tools needed to not only to survive; we also teach you the tools to become an active part of the solution.

Classroom bullet points:

• Policies and procedures for dealing with a violent intruder.

• Lockdowns.

• When lockdowns fail.

• When law enforcement arrives

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